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Long Term Athletic Development

Long Term Athletic Development is what we call our youth development system leading up to high school. The Greatest leap in athletic formation occurs from ages 7-13, and our training will provide your youth athlete with a strong foundation that they can build on throughout their athletic careers.

LTAD Level 1 (7-10)Classes will emphasize-Speed, Agility, Quickness-Coordination, Balance, Body Control-Basic Movement Principles-Core Strength Development- Joint Formation and Spinal Development-FUN!

LTAD Level 2 (11-13)Classes will emphasize-Speed, Agility and Quickness-Movement Principles-Full Body Foundational Strength Training-Power DevelopmentPractical Nutrition, Mindset and Recovery Strategies.

Dynamic Athletic Performance (D.A.P)High School (14-18)

Our High School athletes rely on YSP's Sport Specific training programs to ensure they'll be ready to take their game to the next level.

Our uniquely designed training program will produce results your coaches, teammates and most importantly YOU will notice.

D.A.P Is where our athletes take the next step in their athletic careers.

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