Lindsey Mccabe

Lindsey Mccabe

Personal Trainer


NASM certified personal trainer

NCI Level 1 nutrition coach

About Coach

I am a personal trainer/nutrition coach with a passion for helping women of all ages and fitness levels discover their untapped inner and out strength. Strength training builds strength, confidence, and character and it’s my mission to help as many women fall in love with it just as I have. I am also a wife and Mom to three kids, being strong helps me keep up with them. I love lifting, cooking, reading, and just about anything that takes me outdoors when it is warm out. Growing up I did swim team but I really didn’t discover my passion for fitness until my twenties. I started with endurance running and triathlons and later discovered my love for weight lifting. Once I had my first barbell work training session with my coach, I was hooked!

Turning Point

A big turning point in my life in regard to my health and fitness journey was discovering weight lifting. I like many young women grew up learning to always want to be a smaller version of myself and was exposed to many fad diets in my home. I decided in my late twenties that I had had enough of that and reached out to a coach to start strength training. This was the first season in my life where I discovered having other goals than just losing weight. I quickly realized that having strength and performance goals is where it’s at. I realized that as I focused on building a lifestyle that helped me reach those strength goals, my physique was naturally changing to reflect that hard work. I developed a healthy relationship with food for the first time in my life. In 2019 I broke my patella in a spartan race and was devastated at first thinking that I would never be able to do the thing I did pre-injury. After a couple of days of being sad, I resolved to do the rehab work and do everything I could to regain my strength and confidence in the gym. After 1 year I was reaching new squat and deadlift PRs and the recovery process led me to get certified as a personal trainer. I wanted to help other people who struggle with finding their confidence in the gym after a traumatic injury.

Motivation & Passion

I am passionate about training women of all ages. I want to help as many as possible tap into the strong potential that I know is in every woman.

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