Karly Almon, C.S.C.S.

Karly Almon, C.S.C.S.


Always changing.

Always improving.

Any athletic or strength feat no longer matters because the next goal is already in progress.




About Coach

In my 20+ years of training, my personal growth has led to simply enjoying the difficulty and discomfort of training. Through discomfort comes comfort. As a coach, that mindset has helped me find empathy, and better problem-solving skills for my clients, and help them find that the discomfort is worth every moment of training which in turn leads to progress and enjoyment of the process. This mindset started when I was in 6th grade with a mission to lose weight. The process eventually became more important than the goal itself. I played no sports in school and chose instead to spend my time in the weight room getting stronger, more confident, and snowboarding - two sports that I've been able to keep up well into mid-life.

Turning Point

I don't believe there is one 'turning point' that has changed me one way or another. Rather, I have had multiple points in my life where I could decide which road to take. Some roads were less ideal than others, but each has led me here - helping others perform better at the sport they love. Every choice has given me insight into how better to adjust my sails to help others find smooth sailing. From working with military personnel, new Moms, semi-professional athletes, or rehabilitation clients, each one has impacted my way of coaching and now I get to pass those lessons on to others.

Motivation & Passion

Physical strength leads to mental and emotional strength, in my opinion. I have seen time and time again, experienced personally, and continue to watch through increased load on a bar paves the way to greater self-confidence, finding the voice once lost and going for the opportunities once thought out of reach.

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