John Ray

John Ray


Squat: 410lbs

4.64s 40-yard dash

39” Vertical

1050lb Sled Push

4:29 Bronco Fitness Test

Tackled Ma’a Nanu (former All-Black)


ACE Certified Personal Trainer

NYSC Elite Coaching Certification

NYSC Kettlebell Certification

Lv 1 USA Rugby Coaching

Lv 2 Cert S&C Coach for Saratoga Jockeys Int Rugby

About Coach

I grew up being a multi-sport athlete in Montana, where sports are king. I played football, basketball, soccer, and rugby. You want to be somebody in that small town, you’ve got to play sports. So that took the entirety of my time when we weren’t hunting or fishing! As I progressed through to professional rugby, I found my passion for fitness & health. As I traveled from state to state, I saw how poorly the average person's health was, and knew that I could make an impact. My love for health and my ability to connect with people is what solidified my choice. I found a job that would let me help others, while still allowing me to live out my dream! Over my career, I’ve helped over 100 people get to their goal weight, and achieve their athletic accomplishments to the highest potential!

Turning Point

I think that after I left school, and kind of lost my strive to be a geologist, I realized the impact I could make while living on an island. I trained at a local YMCA and had people CONSTANTLY approaching me with questions, and trying to get advice on how to get the results they wanted. I began reading up on the best ways to do that, and the rest is history!

Motivation & Passion

While I thoroughly enjoy working with athletes, and that’s where my passion lies, I’m never too busy for the “average bear”! Sometimes it’s a simple fix that can make all of the difference in someone’s life. A lightbulb goes off, and it all makes sense. I’m looking to work with WINNERS, regardless of your goals. I don’t like when people give up when things get hard, so expect to be pushed and held accountable. If you’re looking to reach new heights and change your lifestyle for the better, then I’m the guy for you!

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